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All workshops take place in San Francisco (unless otherwise specified). Contact Mary at for more information about any one of our workshops.

Our famous 21-day Holistic Detox program is BACK! Join us 4/20, 4/27, 5/4 and 5/11 in San Francisco for this unique whole foods-based detox workshop. First and last classes in person at my office in North Beach. Classes 2 & 3 are tele-seminars for your convenience. You do not have to be in SF to join!
“Detox” has become a trendy buzzword, but detox (also known as “cleansing”) is a time honored tradition that can help you regain balance, lose weight, sleep better, increase productivity, and gain clarity. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the best time to cleanse, because this is the season when they liver is most active.

How do you know if you need to detox?
Do you suffer from any of the following conditions? PMS, weight gain, heartburn, constipation, gas/bloating, acne, joint pain, skin rashes, high cholesterol, depression or irritability, fatigue, or just generally feeling puffy or inflamed? A congested and overworked liver could be the culprit.

While it’s true that the liver is the body’s own self cleaning device, it can become easily overwhelmed by toxins from our food supply, too much booze, over the counter and recreational drugs, birth control pills, cosmetics and body care products, and pollution.

Everything you eat, drink, breathe and apply to your skin must be detoxed by the liver, and if you take in more toxins than your liver can process, it becomes sluggish, and symptoms result.

What you’ll get from our program:
-2 in person and 2 teleseminar meetings with not one but TWO certified nutrition consultants, Mary Vance & Karen Diggs, who is also a chef.
-a detox kit that includes herbs & nutrients to facilitate liver cleansing; a vegan cleansing smoothie mix; and a fiber blend to enhance colon cleansing. These products are not available over the counter– you must obtain them through a healthcare practitioner.
-a manual detailing guidelines for the 21 day detox plan. The manual includes tons of information, recipes designed by chef Karen and meal plans.
-a before & after body composition analysis
-cooking & snack demos
-access to our private forum so you can ask questions, share tips, and get support 24-7

What to expect:
-weight loss, if that is your goal
-better sleep, more energy, better mental acuity
-clear, glowing skin
-determine hidden food sensitivities that cause health problems
-better digestive function, reduction in constipation

AND you get all this– the 4 sessions, the support, the manual AND the detox kit you’ll need for the 21 days for $397. Sign up here:
21 Day Holistic Detox Workshop

All Things Hypothyroid Part II: Treatment! Listen here

Here is the recording of part 2 in our 2-part series on hypothyroid/hashimoto’s. We discussed treatment, foods to avoid/include, nutrients needed, adrenals, and lifestyle practices.

Or download here:

All Things Hypothyroid Part II: FREE Tele-Seminar

Join us this Wednesday, September 12 at 6pm PST for the second installment in our free tele-seminar series all about hypothyroid conditions and Hashimoto’s. Last week was a great call with some good questions. We discussed causes, symptoms and the different types of hypothyroid conditions (you can listen to the recording in the previous post). Now we’ll get to the fun stuff: foods to avoid & include, treatment, supplements/nutrients, and how to manage the conditions (best lifestyle modifications). One size does not fit all when it comes to treating thyroid conditions, so listen in to get the skinny on how to feel your best living with hypothyroid/Hashimoto’s. We’ll leave time for Q&A at the end, so bring questions!

When: Wednesday, September 12 at 6pm PST
Where: your home or office! Simply call (641) 715 3300 and enter access code 950150# to be placed into the live call.

We will record the talk!

All Things Hypothyroid Part I Recording: Listen Here!

Listen to our free tele-seminar on all things thyroid right here. We discussed causes, different types of hypothyroidism, and why it’s critical to know which type you have– because it affects treatment and one size does not fit all. Next installment Wednesday, 9/12 at 6pm. We’ll discuss treatment, protocols, supplements and nutrients, foods to avoid and include, and lifestyle modifications. Stay tuned for more deets.

Or download here

Everything You Want to Know About Hypothyroid Conditions

Struggling with weight gain? Fatigue? Hair loss? Constipation? Unexplained infertility? You may be one of the estimated 20 million Americans with a thyroid disease/disorder. It’s more common in women than in men—one in eight women will be diagnosed. Many are unaware that they have the condition. If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, listen up: did you know there is a greater than 90 percent chance that you actually have an autoimmune thyroid condition called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis? It should be treated much differently than primary hypothyroid conditions but is often not addressed.

Join the Nutrition Divas for an informative tele-seminar addressing hypothyroidism. What are the different types of hypothyroidism? (hint: it’s important to know, because they all need to be treated differently, and chances are, your doctor will prescribe the same drug no matter what is causing your hypothyroidism. This may not relieve symptoms and correct the underlying imbalance!). What are the signs and symptoms? How it is diagnosed? What are the treatment options? What is the one food you must absolutely avoid if you have hypothyroid, and why? We’ll also discuss diet, lifestyle, herb, and supplemental recommendations to help heal the thyroid gland. We’ll answer your questions at the end of the talk, and there will *probably* be at least one special offer ☺

This talk is for you if you have a hypothyroid condition or are experiencing any of the above symptoms; if you have hypothyroid disease in your family; or if you’ve been prescribed a drug for your hypothyroid condition and are still experiencing symptoms like weight gain or difficulty losing weight, infertility, fatigue, brain fog, or anxiety. Join us!

When: Wednesday, September 5 at 6pm PST
Where: your home or office! Simply call (641) 715 3300 and enter access code 950150# to be placed into the live call.

Inaugural Podcast!

The Nutrition Divas recorded our first podcast to address your questions, and here it is for download below. We’ll be doing these podcasts bi-monthly, so send us your questions and we’ll answer them.
Questions from this podcast:
1) I love how you recommend eating your weight in grams of protein each day. Do you have similar guidelines for fat and carbs? I discovered I eat the right amount of protein each day, but I’m unsure about those other two, especially carbs. I tend to avoid carbs. Do you think that is a smart choice for a runner? Thank you so much for taking questions!

2) What would you recommend for hormone balance, especially the 40+ ladies whose cycles are starting to be become heavy or irregular?

3) Sleep–what is good sleep hygiene, how to address insomnia, supplements to foster better sleep.
Listen here:

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